Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Max and Xandon

I often pick this shade of green for a background color and I'm not quite sure why. I guess it could be considered a trademark?

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Anonymous said...

Dani dear, looks like you need comment moderation or something like that. Nothin' but boogers in here. Big letdown, as...

...laughing with delight was my first reaction to this painting, and I think you're making the green work for you. It's warm and comforting here, which is just how we want these little lovers-of-life surrounded. Yes?

Seriously, these spammers will take over if you don't stop them. One blog-buddy of mine recently had to just finally shut all his internet activity down and start over from scratch, 'cause it got so bad. You got "bots" and word captcha will stop that.