Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is my awesome son. I suppose I should be painting things I can sell, or would even be willing to part with but I figure all those artists making gobs of money are wishing they could paint whatever they felt like. So I guess I'll just get ones like this out of the way before the fame and riches come rolling in.


Sarah Fox said...

This is an awesome pose! It's like baby rapper :)
You did a beautiful job on his face, the eyes and mouth are phenomenal.

Dani Brandimarte said...

Thanks, Sarah! You're the second person that said something like that. Another friend said he looks like he's saying "yo, what up?". That's really not what I was going for, but oh well. I swear, my son is not a gangsta!

marthachick said...

Hey the piles of money might be nice, but you will always cherish a pile of paintings of your darling boy Jude! Paint him as much as you can, before he's all growed up!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I bet you could part with it if you wanted.

I so understand not wanting to sell your personal favorites, though, and I can sure see this being one.


Joe Karg said...

If I only painted images I could sell, I wouldn't have any art on my walls:)


P.S. Would you like some of the art from my walls:)