Friday, January 25, 2008


Ackkk! Piano keys! What was I thinking? That's about the third time I've said that on this blog so I'm going to make a special effort to start thinking long and hard before deciding on a composition. I just hope all this pain and suffering is making me a better artist.


Stephanie said...

Maybe you're drawn to these challenging compositions *because they make you a better artist. I say hooray! This one is very dynamic. (I'm still hoping to make it tomorrow but might get stuck with a translation. Stupid translations.)

Anonymous said...

Dani, I love this!

sandra flood said...

The hands and keys are great Dani!
The hands are the hardest part and you did a beautiful job.
My husband was looking at your blog the other day and he really loved your work.
Particularly the children paintings. He said, as I, that your work is so fresh!

dori said...

What do you mean? It looks great!

Dani Brandimarte said...

Thanks, ya'll!
Katie- the plant on the piano is the one you gave me. I can't believe I haven't killed it yet!
Stephanie- I hope to see you at life drawing tomorrow
Sandra- wow, that's so nice to hear your husband likes my work, I still feel like a beginner so I eat comments like that up!
Dori- I'm thinking of doing a portrait of you....

marthachick said...

I think the challenge is exactly why you ARE choosing these -- your spirit wants to grow!

Go, Dani, go!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

it IS making you a better artist. I always jump into the deep end of the pool and then ask, "what was I thinking?"
Great painting.