Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Beginning

Hey everyone! I was inspired to try out blogging by some artist friends that have daily painting blogs. While I don't aspire to complete a painting everday at this point, I do have a momentum going and have been working on art daily. My intentions for this blog are to keep that momentum going as I'm sure I will feel a need to put something new on here consistently. I hope visitors feel free to comment as I am always looking for feedback, even when it's not positive. Wish me luck!



jack said...

Fiat Lux! It looks like a marvelous beginning and, at last, I can see what I've been missing with a canvas here and there. Let me know when you are ready for a Scottish showing, I have a venue lined up already.

kennedy fam said...

I think this is Great u did a great job of u at least it looks like the cousin I know!!!!
Love Amanda and Aunt Katy!

auntkaty said...

Thanks for sending me your art.I am SO proud!It is wonderful!
aunt katy & mawmaw